MAY 18TH 2018- -"Underneath" ALBUM RELEASE SHOW

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"Underneath" Album Release Show with Grey Romantic


Friday, May 18 at 8 PM - 10 PM
Greenpoint Reformed Church
136 Milton St., Brooklyn, New York 11222


To celebrate the release of this debut solo album, there will be a very unique candle-lit show at a reformed church in  Greenpoint, Brooklyn with special guest GREY ROMANTIC.

The proceeds will go to the hunger program.

There will be free red wine and afterwards there will be much merriment at a local bar

APRIL 24TH 2018- -"Underneath" RELEASED

1. Hater, 

2. Goodnight 

3. Up or Alive 

4. Late September 

5. Dumb (I Like It)

6. Trusted and Tried 


8.Outta of My Head (Out of My Tree)