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Almost wise owls, old souls almost

All our ideas, ideals almost

Spanning time, talking through our comas, so cold

All those missed hours, missed out, almost   

Almost old oaks, touching branches, so close, almost       

Almost old crows

Not ready to jump, not ready to fall off

Stop pushing away, I was ready and open

I got one last push on before you put me to bed

Not ready to run, got no home to run from,

I got my own way, the way was totally wrong

On the train they’re starting to stare, Sympathy or remonstration glares

We were a team supposed to fight through the worst

but you had to win yourself over first

Please don’t blame me, please don’t put me to sleep

Please unchain me, please don’t let me release

Please don’t hate me, no please don’t think I’ve deceived or done wrong

I’ve been but I’m not

Ready to jump can’t let go, won’t follow

I’m half holding off, clinging to any on 

Home has no more, to answer for

Home - less hope is still hope

I didn’t fear the voice before

The one that said impossible

But as I grow and feed the deep

The misery (other me) repeats….

I like it (dumb)

The always second guessing voice

The one that says you worthless boy

I figure out what I could want but then

the taunt retorts…

like it (dumb)

Maybe the dumb me (dummy) keeps me rightly quiet

Caged me and courageous free, that’s the way to be

And so I’ve learned to see the world

As un-profound and underwhelming

With every choice I don’t think how

Ignorance is bliss for now






To the 12 year old on the street

Well, I could only have half of 24

We’ll see much more under 6 feet

To the memory of 108

Through the halo of the moon is a parallel world

Where we’re right on time and wrong to wait

So are we nearly there did I run too early, yeah

Show me the line that I should’ve walked upon

So your heart is closed for the holidays

Unexposed to any kind of pain, now you’ve drawn the line

Is it Long

To my own version of Jesus

Though I’d believe in you more if we were livin in the same land

Oh, we’ll find our faith in visas

To the august moon revolution

With every month gone the problem expands

It revolves around a solution