!New news!

It's been a while since I've posted about my music.  My excuse is decent -  I've been working in a whole new reality (www.gatereality.com). But despite this, I've been secretly plugging away at recording new material and mixing old stuff (mostly at this fabulous studio in Greenpoint)

Also, at the beginning of 2017, I set myself an embargo on playing shows until I'd finished an album. A sort of self-enforced punishment for years of not producing enough finished, tangible material.  I've pretty much kept to that; (aside from 2 songs at Ruby Rooms in Tokyo; how could i not play in Japan!)

But now with 8 out of 9 songs recorded, I've allowed myself a show at Treehaus Mima (November 16th 8.30pm) If i said it's a music venue on 42nd Street in New York, you'd be quite impressed.  It's also true that it's a bizarre supermarket annex that sells wine and cheese and artwork and trees and it's very West 42nd St -but that still counts!

I'm also very happy to deliver here a new recording, complete with drums (from long-time collaborator /mentor Steven Williams-  thanks Steve!) and a real French Horn (from a dude I found on Craigslist- thanks dude!)



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