Daniel Morrow is a British, New York-based musician whose modest persona belies the emotional stronghold of his songwriting.

Shades of transition, movement, melancholia and hesitancy, contrasted with humor, wit and irony, flow together easily throughout the guitar-and-voice-led songs. Performing as vocalist, guitarist and keyboardist, Dan's songs are the culmination of a 15-year career and a document of his lives and loves.

Dan initially came to NYC from the U.K. to follow up with RCA about their requests to feature some of his music on a compilation release. The friendships and experiences Dan cultivated during his stay in Brooklyn led to his decision to remain in the city. His commitment to no-frills authenticity and sincerity immediately found a State-side audience. Mercury Record’s A & R director, David Gray, told him he found his lyrics “particularly personal and intriguing, a rarity these days.” Eric Beall, VP of A&R at Sony, was excited by the strength of Daniel's catalogue, noting that “the songwriting always keeps me interested.

The build up of solo material over the last decade has finally culminated in a debut solo album, "Underneath". Never one to be pigeon-holed musically, Dan's songs happily trek through different genres, sometimes within a song, while the lyrical themes remain constant. Laments, hopes and self-caricatures are explored, usually with an undercurrent of humour.  As an album, Morrow has crafted an anthology of "dark pop" songs . As a singer/songwriter, his music has a new certainty, momentum and confidence- a record of yesterday, today and the future.

Take a listen to some of Dan's music catalogue on his SoundCloud, and connect with him on social media via the links below!